“Off to work” at the training center in Toubab Dialaw.

Work has begun on the training rooms in Toubab Dialaw. The facility, which is part of the larger project of the Multipurpose Socio-Cultural Center, is intended for training, particularly of young people in difficulty (talibé), in the agro-organic field, but also, in the future, to what the local context will be able to show us, given the major changes expected in the coming years in our intervention area.

The “training block” includes 2 classrooms for theoretical lessons and a storage room/laboratory. It is dedicated to the memory of “MANDELLI ARGIA” who, thanks to her last will, made this realization possible. But also to Stefania Migliuolo who has supported us for a long time and is always close to us, to  Matteo Vanoncini who conceived the project, to Federico Gatti, who from Italy continues to support all our activities, to Mirko Marelli with the Karibuny Cooperative, to Ombretta Pin with Ingegneria Senza Frontiere – Milan, the architect Gianluigi Trinchero who is present here on site, and to all our supporters in general.



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