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Community Initiative For Women Empowerment

Takku Bey - Let's Cultivate Together

3 Cycles completed 100%

SDGs Tackled:

After the first community activities in the village of Dagga Dialaw starting in 2013, Jahkarlo began to deepen his knowledge of the community. During meetings and workshops organized in cooperation with the female association Takku Liguey, our understanding of the village’s problems and surrounding areas deepened. After the meeting with the village chief and the local authorities, it was decided to intervene with a project called Takku Bey – Let’s cultivate together.

Project Goals

Target Audience

Indirect Beneficiaries
-> 60 among 183 Dagga households 
-> 50% of households < 14 members 
900 out of 1,914 total inhabitants. 

Project Activities

The project has three main activities of intervention: (1) direct access to food , (2) development of income-generating activities , and (3) health and social inclusion:

Direct Food Access

To increase the supply of food for Dagga less affluent families, a community vegetable garden, orchard, and chicken coop has been built. The vegetable/orchard production is integrated into a recycling system using natural resources and agricultural waste to replace chemical products and fertilizers and optimize the natural mechanisms that regulate ecosystems while reducing production costs. The rediscovery of spontaneous food plants will also be stimulated for the enhancement of popular culinary and medical traditions that are not written, but recorded in the memory of a few.

Income-generating Activities

The women and girls of Dagga Dialaw and Toubab Dialaw have been trained in Income-Generating Activities and Basic Social Entrepreneurship. In a joint effort, job opportunities have been analyzed to identify the most profitable sectors for the start-up of an income-generating activity. The set-up was financed through a microcredit system. In Toubab Dialaw, by virtue of the influx of visitors and tourists, the handicrafts sector has been promoted. In Dagga Dialaw, a center for the conservation and processing of agricultural products has been set up. 

Health & Social Inclusion

Malnutrition is an indicator of chronic food insecurity and leads to a vicious cycle of deficiencies and diseases. The female population has been trained on good health and food practices to complement the food access interventions. This has positive effects for the health of the whole family and children as the most vulnerable members, in particular.  The women and girls of Dagga and Toubab Dialaw have also been accompanied by local experts to analyze the critical bottlenecks and potential of female participation in economic and social life.



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