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Clean Water & Sanitation Facilities

Ndox Mou Sell

1st Cycle completed 100%

SDGs Tackled:

The Ndox Mou Sell project fosters access to clean water and sanitation for public facilities. Amongst others, this includes basic hand washing facilities. In addition to providing critical infrastructure, the project raises women’s awareness about the risks linked to the consumption of contaminated drinking water, lacking sanitation, and which virtuous behaviors to adopt.

Project Goals

Target Audience

-> Entire community of Dagga Dialaw & Dagga Kholpa
  +2,500 total inhabitants

Project Activities

The project has two main activities of intervention: (1) installation of clean water & sanitation facilities, (2) Educational workshops on clean water, health and sanitation

Installation of clean water & sanitation facilities

The secondary school in Dagga Dialaw, which had no access to running water, has been connected to the active borehole for its domestic use and will no longer have to buy water in cans. In addition, in order to increase access to toilets, promote their optimal use and improve individual hygiene practices, 18 public toilets and 10 basic hand-washing facilities equipped with clean water and soap (at the primary school, secondary school, health post and main public meeting places) have been constructed.

Design, implementation, transfer of technologies for water purification

Solar thermal technology is appropriate way for water purification, as it is renewable, modular, scalable, low-cost, and self-buildable with local materials and skills. It lends itself to conversion into a solar water purifier through evaporation and removal of bacteria. After the first planning phase with the social partners involved, a pilot plant project for water purification has been designed. The subsequent implementation has been developed in collaboration with local craftsmen and well management experts according to the training-on-the-job methodology. The knowledge needed to manage and disseminate the technology has been transmitted through a workshop for artisans and well managers from Dagga Dialaw and neighbouring villages. Monitoring and evaluation activities will follow the whole development of the project and will also include a phase of water analysis of the wells to assess the functioning of the technology.



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