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Senegal Head office :

Jahkarlo Association Toubab Dialaw, Ferme Agrobiologique, Senegal

Address Dakar:
Cité Djily Mbaye, Yoff - Dakar, Senegal

email address:


Feel free to reach out if you would like to support us, partner up or simply want to know more about our activities. We are happy to hear from you and always looking for exciting new ideas and initiatives!

Telephone Number:

Phone Toubab Dialaw: (+221) 76 510 45 49
Phone Dakar: (+221) 33 820 47 91

Italy office:

Jahkarlo Italia Association
Via F.lli Cairoli 4 20842 Besana (MB), Italy
Phone: (+39) 362 994840

Mobile: (+39)
335 6818359