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Solidarity tourism - Discover the Country of Teranga

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Senegal is often referred to as the “Country of Teranga” thanks to the unparalleled hospitality of the population to welcome visitors from around the world! As soon as you get there you can immediately feel the warmth of the people – The desire the people have to get in touch with “the visiting guest” to show how beautiful their country is.

We take you on an unforgettable journey through the beauties of this country accompanied by the notes of the griots, the African artists, who will help us understand the traditions of these people and their transformations; an opportunity to meet African culture and participate in the solidarity projects of the Jahkarlo association.

Travel Proposals

During the proposed trips, we will visit the symbolic places of Senegal, the cooperation projects promoted by Jahkarlo and its partners and the artisans who work with the Italian fair trade partners. Below are two exemplary proposals which can be fully customized to your available time, interests and wishes.

Ex. 1: Dakar & Sine Saloum - 9 days

Starting from Dakar, we will visit the fair trade producers and then head south, towards the Sine Saloum delta, in a path along which we will admire beautiful beaches, unspoiled nature and visit the projects carried out by the Jahkarlo Association.

Ex. 2: Dakar, Petite Côte & Saint Louis with fair trade artisans – 14 days

Starting from Dakar, we will move to Saint Louis (the first French capital of West Africa) alternating the visit of the country with the meeting with the groups of artisans who collaborate with the Italian fair trade. We will continue to the petite côte, south of the capital, with its magnificent beaches. Here we will have the opportunity to visit the gardens and land on which the multipurpose center is built and meet the managers of Takku Liguey, partner of the Takku Bey project. We will continue in the direction of Joal, the island of shells and Ndangane. During your stay in Dakar it will be possible to participate in workshops and activities proposed by Jahkarlo.


Senegal is a country that in addition to offering its variety of lagoons, deserted ocean coasts, and mystical baobab forests, is one of the most peaceful and easily accessible countries in Sub-Saharan Africa from a social and cultural point of view.

It borders Mauritania, Mali, The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, and the Atlantic Ocean: its history is inherently linked to this strategic location at the Western tip of Africa.  Amongst other places, it is here where the colonial history and relationship between western whites and blacks of Africa began, marked by exploratory journeys that turned into war and conquest expeditions; A conquest that unfortunately is still present, even if in different forms, such as the exploitation of resources, land grabbing, disadvantageous and often imposed economic cooperation programs.

Senegal is a secular semi-presidential republic. It gained independence from France in 1960. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, it covers an area of 200,000 square kilometers. The estimates of 2011 indicate a population of about 12.5 million inhabitants, mainly concentrated on the coastal strip thanks to the better living conditions and in particular in Dakar, the capital (2.5 million inhabitants). The population is made up of different ethnic groups among which the predominant is the Wolof. Thanks to political and social stability, and the country’s development trajectory, Senegal is a recipient of numerous foreign capital investments. The main sectors of the economy are agriculture, livestock, fishing, mining, tourism, and trade.

Responsible Tourism

Sustainable tourism development” meets the current needs of tourists and host regions, while protecting and improving prospects for the future. It must integrate the management of all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be met, while maintaining cultural integrity.

The pillars of sustainable tourism are:

  • Protection of the environment and territory
  • Social equity
  • Economic development
  • Local culture and traditions

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Our Offer

The Jahkarlo Association thanks to the support and promotion of Italian partners, promotes paths adapted to every need, all in collaboration with artisans, artists, and small accommodation facilities managed by residents in the country.

It is possible to visit Senegal throughout the year. Jahkarlo, in addition to offering hospitality on arrival, can organize with you personalized paths, workshops, cultural immersion programs, and many more, ensuring reliable service and specially trained staff!

Do not hesitate to contact us for personalized proposals and departures!

Découvrez nos programmes d'immersion culturelle

papa yama

Programme 1: Percussions & rythmes

Découverte des instruments de percussion typiques comme le tambour Djembé et des polyrythmies d'Afrique de l'Ouest.


Programme 2: Danse & Mouvement

Apprendre la danse traditionnelle sénégalaise, les mouvements et les chorégraphies.

Tous nos programmes d’immersion culturelle peuvent être ajoutés à votre séjour et à votre itinéraire de voyage. Cliquez ci-dessous pour en savoir plus.