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Sustainable Agriculture & Ecofarming

Jahkarlo farmer

Module 2 in progress 40%

SDGs Tackled:

The Jahkarlo Farmer project was born from the idea of creating a space dedicated to a strong and healthy future for anyone interested in or working in the agricultural sector. Our recently built farm is maintained through strong community participation and simultaneously acts as an example and encouragement for good agricultural practices and social cohesion to anybody visiting. The accompanying training center acts as a facility for knowledge exchange and education on solid agro-organic practices. 

Project Goals

Target Audience

-> vulnerable people from villages of Ndoukhoura Peul, Ndoukhoura Wolof, Mbouka Bambara, Dagga Dialaw, Toubab Dialaw, Kelle, Niangal, Popenguine, and Yene.

Project Activities

The project has three main activities of intervention: (1) Set-up of a centre for training, storage and food processing , (2) agroecological training:

Set-up of a centre for training, storage and food processing

A multifunctional centre is being set up for theoretical courses, for storage, conservation, processing and packaging, equipped with equipment and tools for the processing of fruit and vegetables as well as machinery for the processing of cereals. Appropriate self-built technologies adapted to the planned processes will be tested, such as solar panels, solar ovens and solar dryers.

Agroecological Training

Training programme in agroecology, with the aim of encouraging youth self-employment, the creation of cooperatives, and promoting sustainable agro-pastoral activities. The training is very practical and equips participants with all the knowledge needed to become self-sufficient in sustainable and ecological farming.


Implementing Partners

  • In remembrance of Ms. Mandelli Argia
  • Jahkarlo Italia ONLUS

Partners Supporting This Project

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