#TheGround for our youth.

A new project is preparing for the year 2021.

Vocational training for youth in agribusiness and job placement as a counter to malnutrition and migration risk.

The association, operationally based in the village of Toubab Dialaw, plans to implement in the year 2021 a facility used to train at-risk Senegalese youth.
In particular, we are targeting “Talibé Children” who, having completed their “training, educational, religious” course in “Daara” Koranic schools, often find themselves on the street, or having to return to their village of origin, without a real training/professional background, which can prepare them for adult life.
Through this project we count on being able to train them both theoretically and practically in agro-biological techniques through the construction of a structure, for the theoretical lessons, and employment in the association’s agro-biological farm, “Jahkarlo Farmer,” for the practical part.
After the training is over, they will be able to return to their place of origin where they often have land on which to start their own business and livelihood activities.

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